Searching for a nice place to live in Lisbon?

So, first of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Patrick, 40 years old, born in Lisbon into a quite international family (Portuguese, German, French and yes, even a bit Brazilian). After more than two decades living in Germany, where I studied Physics and did a lot of other stuff,  I'm back in my hometown.

Searching for a place to live was almost a nightmare, but after almost half a year, I finally found something, and, compared to everything I saw before, it was the best place I could have wished for. But more about it below.

The thing is, the costs are rather high just for me, so I'm searching for someone to share the place with me (therefore this site).

Is this the right place for you? Are you the right candidate?

If you are searching for an AirBnB-like fancy place, then this is not the right place for you to find it. I'm not offering a service, I'm sharing my home. I.e. I'm not doing money, only sharing costs. Keep this in mind when continuing reading. In addition, the chemistry between us has to work! I'm not accepting anyone only because she or he can pay the rent, there must be a positive feeling on both sides and about sharing the same space. That is very important for me! 

So, if after finishing reading the next few lines you think you want to give it a try, contact me using the form below, and I will get back to you to organize a meeting at my place. 


First things first. Supposedly, the renting costs are one of the main decision criteria. Hence let me share the costs of staying at my place.

Basic rent: 450 €

The rent corresponds to the 50% of the rent I'm paying, no profits, just fair sharing. As a guarantee, I will ask for two months of rent as an entrance.

Extras: approx. 50 €

The extra costs, which include internet, water, heating, and electricity, will be calculated on a monthly basis. I suppose it will not exceed 50 €. Anyhow, like with the rent, a fair 50 % sharing is the rule.

Available stuff


An internet connection is on it's way. The zone is not equipped with optical fiber, so the solution for a high-speed internet will be a 4G wireless connection with up to 100 Mbs speed. The house will then be equipped with a normal wifi connection.


The apartment has the essential equipment, such as:

  • fridge
  • washing machine
  • oven
  • stove
  • microwave

What is not available - and there are no plans to acquire in a near future - are:

  • dishwasher
  • TV

You are however free to acquire these items if you wish to. Note that concerning the TV it might happen that due to technical limitation, we will not be able to have a TV signal. But I suppose the internet will just deliver whatever you want to see.


I'm a no smoker and to be honest, I hate cigarette's smoke. So, for me, it is clear that there will be absolutely no smoking inside the house. I could say "OK, smoking on the balcony is allowed", but from my experience, there is always some cigarette smell ending up inside the house. So my preference are non-smokers. 

The place

The apartment is a three-room apartment, or a T2 according to Portuguese classification. I.e., there are two sleeping rooms and a living room. In addition, there is a small kitchen, a big bathroom, and a tiny WC. The highlight of the place are the two balconies, a dream during hot Portuguese summer nights.  

Your room

The room which is available has about 10.5 m² and has access to a 2 m² closet room, which makes a total of about 12.5 m² effective space. In the floor plant above, it is the room in the bottom left. 

It is only equipped with the essential furniture, a bed and a closet (a huge IKEA piece) so that you can move in right away. The rest has to be furnished, decorated and equipped by you, you can also change the bed if you want to. It is up to you to make the room cozy to your taste.


The apartment is located in the center of the center of Lisbon, just between the wonderful viewpoint Jardim do Torel, Lisbon's main boulevard Avenida da Liberdade and the medical complex of São José. Every relevant site in town is just a few minutes away, be it by foot, be it by public transportation. Although Lisbon can be quite noisy and hectic, the apartment itself is located in the quietest place you could wish for, in a traffic-free zone, pushing the city's noise far away.

Public Transportation

(walking distances and times)


There are several bus stops in the neighborhood connecting it with all of Lisbon. Check out the transportation map of Carris.

About me

Let me share some words about me, although I'm not really a fan of exposing myself this way online. 
My name is Patrick, born in Lisbon in 78'. I spend my childhood in Brasil, lived my youth in the suburbs of Lisbon and studied Physics in Germany. After ending my Ph.D. in solid state physics, I completely changed my professional direction and started to dedicate my time to the subject of sustainable livelihoods. I ended up creating an educational-cultural festival dedicated to the subject in the town of Dresden, where I was living. After 10 years of existence, it is probably the biggest festival in Germany dedicated to the field of sustainable and resilient lifestyles.
Eventually, I also ended up creating a company called OpenForests which develops technical solutions to support sustainable forest projects worldwide. I invite you to visit our site here to learn more about it. OpenForests is my current professional activity. Ah, you might also want to visit my LinkedIn profile here.


More about my personal interests. I'm a music lover, not to say a junkie. Be it as a listener, be it as an (amateur) player - percussion mainly. Music is like oxygen for me. My current drug is everything related to afro-latin-american beats and sounds. They make my heart beat go a bit faster. I also love dancing (if you can call it like that), but only to a few styles, like salsa, afro-colombian music, reggae or similar stuff. But in general, I love everything, from Bach (I played the organ in the past) to freaky drum-n-bass brain breaking beats. When I have time, I like also to pump some of my energy into activist activities, stuff that might change our local lives towards something a bit better. Well, in general, I'm interested in geopolitics, environmental issues, cultural subjects, etc. I'm atheist, I do however believe in a lot of stuff ;-). I do not smoke and I try to have a vegetarian alimentation (when possible, even vegan).


I hope that gives you a rough idea about me and my interests. Once we meet in person, I'll share more about me ;-)